The left one is a 2,400  shopping bag sold in MUJI, 

and the right one is our shopping bag sold at 2,500  in Naver.


We made it with 230g of yellow craft and cotton straps, 

whereas MUJI’s shopping bag was made of 150g of yellow craft and nylon straps. 

However, the price of two shopping bags is similar. 

(We made it with yellow craft special paper.)


I don’t know this is the power of a brand. 

Is it expensive because MUJI imports its shopping bags from Japan? 

Anyway, I am so depressed about the quality.


Even though we produce a paper bag very well, the bag with no brand is just paper. 

We don’t deny this fact. 

However, we try to make changes to produce paper bags in a different way. 

Actually, there are only a few ways to show a definite difference.


We have released the world’s first paper bag brand, <KRUGER:BRENT>, 

in ten years after we entered into the Chinese markets.


We produce differently. Well, we try to do so.


I am really envious, MUJI. 

We make different shopping bags, <KRUGER:BRENT>