Our factory is always busy.

The manager in china does QC with her sister, whether the boss comes or not.

She wraps herself paper bags in person because of the delay of wrapping.

Mast in China is always busy. It is no time that they take a break.

Actually we want day-off on sunday, but we can't.

These days, all of employees working in China are so busy because of China domestic demand.
All I can do is just check it out how works well.

How can we make paper bags well?

How can we define paper bags differently?

What the hell is the paper bags?

It's a pain in the neck because of a theoretical problem

We have to make paper bags well, but some troubles also happen frequently. 
If we have a minor trouble in the middle process, 

we are plagued to death by it because of totally complicated process.

We have to be good at each other's duty.

It is best to do your best for your duty so we can make no troubles and no faulty. 

I want my employees not to forget their duty.